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              Hand Tools


              Site Map
              Find out our founder Larry Waller and his extensive background is shoe making and the leather crafts.

              Books Home Page
              Find one of the most exciting collections of in-depth books on shoe making available today direct from Walrus: Shoe and Boot Design Manual Last Design & Making Manual How to Make Ugg Boots also the Dictionary of Leather Working Tools by R.A. Salaman, Handmade Shoes for Men by L醩zlo Vass and Magda Moln醨, and Shoes by Linda O'Keeffe.

              Books, Dictionary of Leather Working Tools
              The definitive reference guide for all of who are working leather. Virtually every tools out there are documented in exactly detail in terms of descriptions and uses within the shoe making and other major crafts. Richly illustrated with over 1,100 different tools are pictured.

              Books, Handmade Shoes for Men
              An exceptional looking inside the workshops of internally known craftsman. Hundred of detailed photos show you how they make exquisite shoes by hand.

              Books, Shoes and Boots Designing Manual
              Master shoemaker George Koleff shares trade secrets and the proven techniques to make classic Men's and Ladies' shoes, Boots, even slippers.

              Books, Shoes, A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slipper and More
              Here's a clear explanation of high fashion shoe making from the greatest designers in history.

              Books, How to Make Ugg Boots: The Manual
              Learn to make the most popular boots in the world. Master shoe maker George Koleff guides you through every step.


              Frequently Asked Questions
              Questions about this website or Walrus Shoe? The answers you are looking for can be found here.

              Hand Tools Home Page

              The Honourable Cordwainer's Company (Shoemaker's Guild)
              All the details of the 20th Annual Meeting can be found here. Plus, see photos from past years.

              Jewelry Home Page
              Your gateway to the handcrafted "Tools of the Trade" collection including solid sterling silver charms, earrings, lapel pins and tie tacks of highly detailed miniature shoe making tools.

              Jewelry, Charms
              See a handcrafted Awl, French Hammer, Head Knife, Horn Knife and Lasting Pincers rendered solid sterling silver. Delight a lover of charms with these one-of-a-kind pieces.

              Jewelry, Earrings
              Solid sterling versions of the classic Awl, Horn Knife and Lasting Pincers as finely crafted earrings. A very special something for that very special person.

              Jewelry, Lapel Pins
              Exacting realism sets this solid sterling silver Horn Knife, French Hammer and Lasting Pincers apart. Distinctive, unique, the perfect emblem for the polished professional.

              Jewelry, Tie Tacks
              Like no other accessories the planet. These handsome solid sterling silver French Hammer, Horn Knife, and Lasting Pincers are the perfect touch for any occasion.

              Shoe Lasts Home Page
              Find links to 14 kinds of Lasts, 7000s through 9s. Each Last pages provides complete details on each kind of Last.

              Connect to other interesting website presenting in-depth shoe making and leather crafts information.

              Machines Home Page

              A plain-English explanation of how Walrus Shoe does business.


              How items are sent to you, how long it takes, what the cost will be are all explained here.

              Welcome (our Home page)
              All this website offers visitors in terms of shoe making lasts and books, as well as unique jewelry are listed here.

              Walrus Shoe & Leather, Co.,
              Manufacturers of the finest Period and Theatrical Footwear, by Larry Waller, Delavan, WI USA
              HomeAbout, FAQ, Links, Policies, Services, Shipping, HCC, Site Map; Lasts: 7000, 4500, 4000, 3086, 1200, 1100, 900, 865, 503/M, 500, 483, 130, 9/Kids, Bonnie; Jewelry: Charms, Earrings, Lapel Pins, Tie Tacks; Books: by George Koleff, Shoe and Boot Design Manual, Last Design & Making Manual, How to Make Ugg Boots, also the Dictionary of Leather Working Tools by R.A. Salaman, Handmade Shoes for Men by L醩zlo Vass and Magda Moln醨, Shoes by Linda O'Keeffe. Hand Tools, Machines, Findings/Components

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