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              Lasts 7000
              Lasts 4500
              Lasts 4000
              Lasts 3086
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              Lasts 130
              Lasts 9 Kids
              Lasts 130

              The Last Comes First. To quote the famous bootmaker Sam Lucchese, 揥hether you are making shoes or boots, almost without exception you抮e going to need some sort of Last on which to make them.?I want you to know, in my 28 years of shoemaking I have owned almost 50,000 pairs of Lasts. I抳e learned for a fact that the point is not how many Lasts you have, the point is, do you have the Last you need to make the shoes you want, and in the sizes you want. Up until now Lasts were probably one of the most expensive and difficult items to find for custom shoe or boot making. That抯 one reason there抯 a Walrus website.

              Here you will find an outstanding selection of Lasts, both plastic and wood. On these pages you will be able to compare Lasts one to another. This wide ranging collection of Lasts has been acquired over the last 20+ years, and when these are gone, you will have to buy them new.

              Walrus can help you get the Lasts you need, all at good prices. Just contact Larry Waller 1.262.882.6006, or walrus@walrusshoe.com.

              Walrus Shoe & Leather, Co.,
              Manufacturers of the finest Period and Theatrical Footwear, by Larry Waller, Delavan, WI USA
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