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              Shoe & Boot
              Ugg Boots
              Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & More

              The pinnacle of high fashion shoe-design is revealed in this one-of-a-kind volume. From man抯 earliest attempts right through to the modern era Ms. O扠eeffe抯 informed narrative brings insight and clarity to what master designers were thinking, from upscale ready-to-wear to the ultimate in haute couture. All the major styles and trends are documented with lush photography (over 1,000) and in exquisite detail-the sandal, heel, slipper, pump, sensible shoes, the boot, platform, fetish and lotus shoes, and one-of-a-kind shoes are all here. Major designers Perugia, Vivier, Blahnik, Evins, Little, Ferragamo, Westwood and Levine are profiled throughout this 510 page tour de force on modern shoe design. A must-have for anyone who loves shoes or designs them.

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              Price:  $14.95
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              Shipping:  $6.95 USD for the first book, $2.00 for each additional
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              Walrus Shoe & Leather, Co.,
              Manufacturers of the finest Period and Theatrical Footwear, by Larry Waller, Delavan, WI USA
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