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              Laszlo Vass. Born in Budapest, 1946. He worked in the Hungarian fashion house of Magyar Divatintezet as a clicker, closer, shoemaker, and designer from 1964 until 1969. In 1970, having gained his professional shoemaking qualifications, he joined a private workshop specializing in handmade shoes and ladies?boots as assistant chief designer and shoemaker. Vass founded his own workshop in 1978 and opened a business in the center of Budapest. Since 1988 he and his staff of twenty have concentrated on traditional shoemaking. Today, the exquisite quality of the shoes made by the house of Vass has earned enormous respect throughout Europe, especially so in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

              Magda Molnar. In 1943 she was born in Budapest. Molnar studied English literature at Budapest University. A publisher of art books, she was initially chief executive at Helikon Verlag. Since 1991 Molnar has been head of Vince Books. Her particular interest in shoemaking is rooted in her family history: a grandfather practiced the profession for 50 years, specializing in handmade shoes and gentlemen抯 boots.


              Walrus Shoe & Leather, Co.,
              Manufacturers of the finest Period and Theatrical Footwear, by Larry Waller, Delavan, WI USA
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