Taco Mountain!

Here’s a great way to get your tacos and your veggies. It’s just a basic taco salad, but if it’s stacked high enough, it qualifies as…..

Taco Mountain!

Iceberg lettuce
Tortilla chips (Homemade Tortilla Chips are best, but store-bought will work)
Taco meat (Chicken Taco Meat is great for this!)
Cooked beans (black, kidney, etc.)

Green onions
Sour cream or crema (great creamy product from Central America; available in some Latino shops)

No real recipe here, just go with what you like! What I usually do is put a layer of lettuce pieces on a plate, cover with crumbled chips, add taco meat & beans, veggies, sour cream, and salsa or hot sauce. Grated cheese is nice, too.

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