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Official cocktail of New Orleans by proclamation of the Louisiana House of Representatives, the Sazerac is a happy little whiskey drink whose “authentic” recipe is argued to distraction and no simple conclusion. Everything from the glass it’s mixed and served … Continue reading

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Ravioli al Pomodoro e Burro

Well, recipes don’t get much simpler than this, but they don’t get much better tasting than this either. The essential pairing of tomato and pasta, a marriage made in that country that might as well be known as heaven, is … Continue reading

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Chicken Piccata

[Another chicken recipe; sorry, I’m in Italy right now & relying on a post I did before I left.] Love lemons? Me too. Lemonade, lemon candy, lemon gelato, limoncello, and this tidy little weeknight dish, chicken piccata. You can hammer … Continue reading

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