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Chicken Salpicon

I first had this dish in El Paso, Texas on a hot summer night. Arriving late at night at the home of an old El Pasoan after a day of dusty driving, I was welcomed with a huge Mexican ceramic … Continue reading

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Best. Sandwich. Ever. This truly is the world’s greatest sandwich, the pinnacle of sandwichian evolution, created by the Central Grocery in New Orleans in 1906. The flavors come together in an eye-rolling crescendo of meat, cheese, & olives that is … Continue reading

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Buckwheat Noodles & Mushrooms

Here’s another way to enjoy that black sheep of the wheat family, buckwheat. In Japan, noodles made with buckwheat are called soba, and are served cold, with a salty dipping sauce, or hot, in a rich broth. This stir-fry recipe … Continue reading

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Potato Galette with Arugula & Spinach

The potato fried in butter begets one of the world’s great tastes. Salty & sweet & crunchy & chewy & well, just potato-y goodness makes your taste buds sing like few other foods, I find. This recipe adds the harmonic … Continue reading

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Oat Pecan Waffles

I’ve always been a big fan of waffles, but I’ve never been able to come up with a recipe that made waffles exactly the way I like them, with the perfect combination of crispy, fluffy, & flavorful. I’ve tried whipping … Continue reading

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