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Cured salmon, a lovely treat on top of a cracker or a bit of black bread, is something you really should be making yourself, at home. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it really impresses the neighbors. The salt pulls the … Continue reading

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Fresh Egg Pasta

Fresh pasta is completely different from dried pasta. I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse, just different. Not quite as much tooth as dried, but with a velvety, rich texture, fresh pasta is perfect for dishes like Chicken Noodle Soup … Continue reading

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Oven-Roasted Chilean Sea Bass

Patagonian toothfish, AKA Chilean sea bass, is available again from a sustainable fishery, but as far as I can find, Whole Foods is the only retailer around here that sells the Marine Stewardship Council-certified product. So if you’re not sure … Continue reading

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Turkey Barley Soup

Turkey, Ben Franklin’s choice for the national bird, is almost never cooked whole outside of the holiday season. I consider this no small culinary tragedy, as its flavor is rich and hearty, and easily surpasses that of the modest chicken. … Continue reading

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