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Turkey with Corn Dumplings

For the first time in a long time, I did not roast a turkey for Thanksgiving. Instead, I took a little holiday and let someone else shoulder the responsibility of the grateful feast. And though it was liberating, and allowed … Continue reading

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Salvadoran Red Bean & Loroco Soup, Under Pressure

Salvadoran red beans are small and dark, dark red. Our neighborhood Salvadoran grocery store sells easily 15 different brands of these beautiful little beans, all imported from El Salvador. They have a fresh, sweet flavor and rich, creamy texture. Loroco … Continue reading

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Shrimp & Quinoa

Quinoa is a fantastic nutty-tasting grain, commonly used in South American cooking. You can find it more and more in grocery stores here in the U.S., and I strongly encourage you to give it a try. This recipe came about … Continue reading

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Apple Cider Pork Kebabs

Need a reward after raking up a yard’s worth of leaves? How about some yummy grilled pork & vegetables? Although I’ve often put beef or lamb on kebabs, I seem to have ignored pork, for the most part. The apple … Continue reading

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John’s Cincinnati Chili

Well, there are about a million recipes out there for this particular chili, but, surprisingly, if you try to explain Cincinnati Chili to someone, you are quite likely to get a big, skeptical, WTF stare. Here’s the deal, as I … Continue reading

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Apple Sangria

Here’s a really simple variation on the classic Spanish fruit & wine cocktail. Refreshing, fruity, rich, dark, and reminiscent of the golden afternoons of autumn, it’s the perfect cocktail to accompany a November sunset. Try to find some freshly pressed … Continue reading

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