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Smoked Duck Fettucine

Besides being another great excuse to get a water smoker, smoked duck is an extraordinary culinary treat. The fattiness of a duck lends itself very well to slow, smoky cooking, and the finished product nearly melts in your mouth. I … Continue reading

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Rabbit Juice

All right, this one is for all of you who have a juicer collecting dust in your basement/attic/most-difficult-to-get-at cupboard. The juicer is a fabulous way to enjoy refreshing, healthful beverages you create out of the most beautiful specimens of fresh … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Vichyssoise

I love cold soups. Cooling off in the summer means more than just turning on the AC; the more cold foods you eat, the cooler you’ll be. And sipping a cool spoonful of delicately smooth vichyssoise is a treat that … Continue reading

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Smoked Chicken Salad

This is one of my favorite picnic dishes. The interplay of rich, smoky chicken with sweet & crunchy apples & celery is irresistible. If you don’t have a water smoker, think about getting one. It’s really easy to set up … Continue reading

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Chorizo Quesadillas

My favorite way to make quesadillas is to bake them, because you can make a bunch at once. I find that just a quick spray of canola oil on the cookie sheets is sufficient. This recipe uses mozzarella, which may … Continue reading

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Bonaire Passion

A rum fruit punch can be a sickly-sweet, cliché of an American tourist’s bad taste….or it can be a refreshing, tongue-tingling, splash of vacation in a glass. In this one, the tang of the passionfruit is tempered by the red, … Continue reading

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