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Potatoes Idiaz√°bal

Spanish sheep’s milk cheeses are a great way to knock yourself out of any cheese rut you might be stuck in. Manchego is probably the most famous, but it’s only the tip of a fantastic flavor iceberg. Idi√°zabal is a … Continue reading

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Fennel & Potato Soup

A hearty soup, quick and satisfying, this one is great for a weeknight dinner. I first made it on a night when I was bummed out & really didn’t feel like cooking, but once I started chopping, my mood improved … Continue reading

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Rosemary Shallot Pickles

Shallots are close to ubiquitous in fine cuisine, but their role is usually to provide a quiet background of flavor in a complex sauce. Here’s a recipe that makes them the star of the show. Refrigerator pickles are a great … Continue reading

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Mixed Mushroom Bake

Most decent grocery stores now reliably carry a few kinds of fresh mushrooms beyond the basic white button. Shitake, oyster, cremini, and portobello are the most common; upscale stores often carry even more. Make sure you choose only the freshest … Continue reading

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Fried Chicken Livers

When I was a kid, my mom sent me to school with some pretty weird lunches. Cold, fried chicken livers was probably one of the weirdest, but I loved them then and and I love them now (her too). And … Continue reading

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Mahi Curry with Potatoes & Fennel

This is definitely not the prettiest dish I’ve ever made; in fact, it may be one of the ugliest. But the flavors are worth the trip to ugly-land, and a couple of orange slices and a fresh green vegetable will … Continue reading

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Cabbage Soup

OK, I saw that face. Now put it away. Cabbage soup may sound a bit stinky, but believe me, this one is not. I was looking for a soup that was healthy, plain but not boring, and quick. This one … Continue reading

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