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A Roast of Roots

Fancy some carbs? Try this meatless roast for some rich, hearty flavors with very little fat. The list below is just an example of one collection of roots. Feel free to load up with more of your favorites, or eliminate … Continue reading

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Ham & Cheese Spoonbread

Spoonbread is a very old-fashioned dish, somewhere between soufflé and polenta, and there are as many versions of it as there are kinds of spoons. There are spoonbreads that are plain & simple, and there are some that are way … Continue reading

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Cranberry Sauce

Maybe you’ve never really thought about it. Maybe you didn’t know how easy it is to make your own cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries. Maybe you really like the sthhhhlurrrrp! sound the canned kind makes when you decant it. I … Continue reading

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Fettucine Alfredo Diablo

Spice up the original with a little heat. The ingredients below make for a medium-hot taste. If you want it hotter, add more cayenne and leave the pith on the peppers. (A jalepeño’s heat resides in the white pith & … Continue reading

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Fried Celery

OK, this is not so much a recipe as a quick tip, but hey, I just had neck surgery. And it’s really, really good, and not bad for you. Cayenne adds a zing. Try it with Tangerine Duck Breast. Fried … Continue reading

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